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One Voice Makes A Difference with Janet Swanson

Apr 3, 2023

You guys, I am so inspired by this woman’s testimony.  She has been through so much. Today you are going to be so blessed by Tiffany’s story.

She tells her  story of near death experience from being hit by a car at the tender age of 7 while walking home from school. Then just a year later she experienced molestation by a close family member. 

Tiffany being raised in church knew what it was like to have praying mom and grandma, but her pain eventually led to rebellion.  Tiffany said, “I just kept thinking that there must be something wrong with me….” As most children think after being sexually abused by someone they love and care about.

Tiffany then became promiscuous and got pregnant.  After about 3 months she had an abortion. Life just began to get worse!  She experienced so much pain and loss after the abortion that led her down a road, spiraling for hell.  Through a tragedy of losing her niece at such a ripe young age, Tiffany finally surrendered her heart to  the Lord.

She was already in an abusive marriage and kept believing God for his salvation.  But the abuse continued and the Lord led Tiffany out of that physical, and mental abuse. Now Tiffany is experiencing the Grace of God and His redemption power over her life.  She said she has a hope in Jesus and she loves Him so much for all He has done for her.

She is now singing for His glory and let me tell you. This girl can sing. She has a set of lungs with such purity in her voice.  If you’d like to get in touch with Tiffany, please reach out to me by email at