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One Voice Makes A Difference with Janet Swanson

Jun 27, 2022

Kim tells how she made it through the roughest waters of her life. Being diagnosed with Cancer that eventually led to a permanent colostomy bag. 

Kim is a 58 year old mother of six and a survivor of cancer.  When my son was sick in the hospital, Kim reached out to me with so much compassion and told me if I needed...

Jun 20, 2022

Ana tells her story of childhood disease of Crohn’s and how she is dealing with the challenges it brings. 

If you’ve been following my journey with my son Rhett Swanson, then you know  I am bringing awareness to IBD, Crohn’s, Ulcerated Colitis, Colon Cancer, Ileostomy bags, and childhood disease.  Today you will...

Jun 13, 2022

Melinda talks about the thing that she had feared happened to her like in Job’s case in the Bible. For her it was Colon Cancer, Death of husband, Chemo, Partial colectomy with Colostomy bag, and second diagnoses of cancer.


Job 3:24-26

24 I sigh when food is put before me, and my groans pour out like water. 


Jun 6, 2022

Dana talks about her diagnoses of Pancreatic insufficiency at the age of 5 years old and how she beat the odds of what the doctors said. 

For the next few weeks I am bringing recognition to those who have suffered and overcame  childhood disease such as Crohn’s, Ulcerated Colitis, Colon Cancer, Ileostomy bags,...