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One Voice Makes A Difference with Janet Swanson

Jan 3, 2022

Ephesians 5:15-16: Pay careful attention, then, to how you walk, not as unwise but wise, redeeming the time because the days are evil. Therefore, do not be foolish, but understand what the Lord’s will is.

I am so excited to introduce to you all my son Reed Swanson. By the time this podcast comes out, he will actually be moving to Chicago to plant a  church, called AGAPE! 

God has given him a powerful Word all from the book of Ephesians!  He is actually writing a book called, “How To Redeem the Time in Evil Days” First four chapters of his book are on Identity:   Learning how to love yourself, how to value your value, being worthy of love, and forgiven!

As I sat down and talked with Reed about this Word, I could feel the presence of God so strong.  What a POWERFUL WORD!  He’s only 26 years old. 

In this podcast he talks about his struggle with depression, break-ups, the pandemic and all the losses he faced the past couple of years.  It has really been hard!  But out of all that, a book is being birthed and a church is being planted!  God is showing Reed how to walk out his identity in every aspect of his life!

Reed says the whole book of Ephesians is about REDEMPTION! God REDEEMS the time! It’s about having that redemption come TO YOU….and then flow THROUGH YOU!

The Word of God is so powerful!  Most people really don’t understand what the word REDEMPTION even means.  You have got to listen to this podcast to understand what it means to be redeemed by God!

You don’t have to do anything to become REDEEMED, but it’s God who is always at work.  The Holy Spirit is searching for those hearts who have an ear to hear what the Lord has to say!

There is a demand over your soul because you are one of a kind. There is no-one else who has been created like you.  You are rare!!! Reed explains how powerful this is.  I’m not gonna lie….I am so impressed with this young man!!! The words that God has given him are so powerful!!!

You are not going to regret this.  Your whole walk with Jesus is based on identity!  Your love for God will increase significantly when you start emphasizing who you are inside of  HIM.  What ever you submit to you put your identity into it! 

Listen, you guys, this word is going to change your life.  If you’d like to connect to Reed, please email him at or you can contact him on FB at His website is  under construction but will be up soon at