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One Voice Makes A Difference with Janet Swanson

Jan 16, 2023

Today you are going to hear an incredible story about a lady who KNOWS what it feels like to be molested by a neighbor pedophile, never told anyone, kept it a secret, that eventually led to a lifestyle of promiscuity and abortion. 

Paula was born & raised Macon GA. Immediately after high school she moved to ATL to attend modeling/fashion institute, but she had an ugly secret. 

Although raised in church, she had never experienced the presence of God that led to a  radical salvation  at age 30. This encounter with the Lord changed everything!!  Raped and molested at a young tender age was all swept under the rug. But Jesus looked under that rug and pulled it all out, including ABORTION!  Now Paula is making the devil regret the day he ever laid hands on her! Paula is MAKING A DIFFERENCE!!!!

She came to Savannah from West Palm Beach paradise in 2008 at the invitation of former coworker to work at the Living Vine to show women how they can THRIVE past all the pain. 

She held a 2-day strategy meeting in 2016 - inviting all in pro life ministries to come together! At that meeting she  met Bridget VanMeans, president of ThriVe Nation. 

Eventually, she opened ThriVe Savannah Feb 1, 2018.

Over 950 babies saved from abortion to date and in 2022, 332 have been saved!!! Paula is making a dent in the kingdom of darkness! 

OVER 850 young women have prayed committing their lives to Jesus Christ!   The Gospel has been presented 2,500 times, and over 1100 Bible have been given out! 




If you’d like to be apart of this ministry, you can contact her at:

Paula Kinard

Executive Director 

ThriVe® Savannah

5302 Frederick Street, Suite 107

Savannah, GA 31405

T.  912.777.7148

F.  912.417.2946

M.  561.603.8960