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One Voice Makes A Difference with Janet Swanson

Oct 10, 2022

Chaifa tells her story of childhood abuse and how the enemy starts early attaching those who have a prophetic call on their lives. 

Chaifa stands with the Nex/Gen prophets!  

Prophets - Come out of the Wilderness. It’s Time to Build.

Prophets have earned quite the rep since the birth of the prophetic movement, over a decade ago.  

There’s been a question in this season among the church, “Is God Still Calling Prophets?” Chaifa has a powerful story of how God called her out of the wilderness and to step into her destiny of a Prophetess.  She talks about how the enemy has used childhood abuse to attack the prophetic mantle upon their lives and to keep them in guilt, shame and in hiding.  “It takes Jesus to save you but it takes a family to restore you”, says Chaifa.   

“We’ve been called rebels, loners, and boat-rockers. Pastors did not know what to do with us. Apostles were not ready to build with us. And so, like John the Baptist, many of us disappeared into the wilderness and became acquainted with locusts and camel hair. Times have since changed. Now it’s time to build.

Our mandate is to parent and coach the next gen prophets. We give you sanctuary. We accelerate your prophetic process. We confirm your call. Above all, we remind you that your training is not in vain.” Quote from Nex/Gen Prophets. 

They took Chaifa under their wings and begin to mentor her.  

I first met her while listening to a podcast and I heard her prophesy and it spoke personally to me.  

I pray that this podcast today speaks “personally” to you too!

Here is a word for Evangelist from Nex/Gen

Evangelist - Your Days of Standing Alone Are Over. It’s Time to Team Up!

God’s elevating evangelists to the apostolic office. Once off crusades are limited. In the next generation of fivefold ministry, evangelists receive patterns to reach the nations. They’re called to team up with the rest of the fivefold ministry. This generation of evangelists works with prophets, teachers and pastors! You’re a fire-bringer and atmosphere shifter! Most importantly you’re the trailblazer for the rest of the fivefold. Until the evangelist breaks ground, the prophet can’t heal, the pastor can’t gather and the teacher can’t train!

Our relationship with evangelists is one of collaboration, apostolic covering and prophetic insight.