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One Voice Makes A Difference with Janet Swanson

Sep 19, 2022

Dawn tells her story of incest and how it affected her marriage that eventually ended in divorce. 

Dawn is an Influencer, Pastor, Global Communicator, Podcaster, Coach, and Best-Selling Author for over 20 years! 

Dawn is the founder and CEO of the BraveHearted Woman, a transformational coaching and personal growth development enterprise designed to awaken and cultivate the vision of women-dreamers, calling them to braven-up and live their best lives. 

Also known as the “BraveHeart Mentor” TM  Dawn is the creator and host of  “The BraveHearted Woman” a weekly podcast that encourages women to unleash their full potential to the world, by discovering their inner fortitude to make needed life transformations, so they can live a fulfilling life without regret. 

I am so inspired by this lady. We have so much in common and our stories are very similar. Dawn talks about the incest that took years to end.  Even though it physically ended when she was 18 and left home, it continued to haunt her upon her marriage bed.  SEX was a nightmare!  MAYBE you know what I’m talking about if you have ever been sexually abused. So…..HOW do you get through it? 

You’ve got to listen to this podcast and find out how God helped Dawn and changed her life as she began to renew her mind and get godly counseling!  

God took what the enemy meant for harm and turned it all around and redeemed her life! 

She is now the  author of 5 award winning books which include When a Woman You Love Was Abused, published by Kregel Publications, When the Woman Abused Was Me, The Freedom Challenge:60 Days to Untie the Cords that Bind You, Redemption Press, and most recently the #1 Best-Selling Book The Freedom Challenge for Men:60 Days to Untie the Cords that Bind You.  Redemption Press 

Dawn became an Ordained Minister with a special emphasis in trauma support and biblical counseling.   

She developed and worked as Director of Support and Healing Groups in a mega church, serving hundreds of women overcoming abuse and trauma. 

Dawn’s signature Course, "Uncover Your Brave Vision: 90 Days to Unleash a Fulfilling Life," is available.  

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