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One Voice Makes A Difference with Janet Swanson

Apr 17, 2023

Robin tells her story of getting a second chance of life while staring death in the eyes.

You guys are in for a powerful story today.   I met this lady while I was in California visiting my son through a mutual friend.  When I heard her story, I knew she had to be on my podcast.

Robin Osborn is an executive coach and business consultant who was recently given a second chance at life after undergoing emergency surgery to remove a baseball-sized tumor from her brain. Remarkably, the tumor was benign but her recovery was no small feat– it took Robin a year to walk one mile. The same tools she uses to inspire transformation in her clients helped her achieve miraculous results in her own recovery! Robin’s passion for exceeding expectations has allowed her to help hundreds break through their personal and professional goals and, through this work, her own practice continues to develop.

Robin is definitely  an "adversity warrior: , and she has a book coming out soon!  Against all odds, she pulled through blood clots and a brain tumor that was destined to kill her if  left undiagnosed within a week. It was a “but God” moment that led her to the ER to be seen!  You’ve got to hear all the details!  Don’t forget to share share share!  If you’d like to reach out to Robin, you can find her here on the links below.