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One Voice Makes A Difference with Janet Swanson

Apr 29, 2024

Mario tells his story of pain and trauma and nothing that he went through was wasted PART 2

I couldn’t stop crying.  You are about to feel WAVES of the HOLY SPIRIT!!! Here is Mario’s story continued.

Mario did everything he could to make his mom feel same hurt he was feeling! His lifestyle was reckless and he started indulging in drugs, alcohol and promiscuity. Eventually, his bad choices led  him straight to prison!

This is where he experienced the power of the Holy Spirit and that ONE VOICE that stood above all the rest, in one little ole lady full of the fire of the Holy Spirit that broke the heavy chains of sin, shame, hurt and pain.  Mario and I both could feel the presence of God Almighty walk in the room as he told about his encounter with God. You are going to be so blessed today!!