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One Voice Makes A Difference with Janet Swanson

Apr 22, 2024

Mario tells his story of pain and trauma and nothing that he went through was wasted


You guys!!! I’m not gonna lie! I haven’t cried this hard with an interview in a few years! This man’s story pierced my soul! Mario was born out of rape! His only dad he ever knew (step dad) committed suicide and yet the Holy Spirit was knocking on the doors of his heart but he kept resisting the pull of the Lord. 

His hatred for his mom fueled his bitterness and he blamed her for his dad’s suicide.  But God kept showing up on the scenes of his life.  Through it all,  God was speaking, and tugging on his heart. Then he was mowed down with a group of friends when he was hit by a car on the beach!! Mario was living a reckless life, but his pain was like the tide of the ocean when the tide goes in….it kept pulling him further and further to sea.

But you guys! You’ve got to hear the emotion in his voice, the tears in his eyes as he tells you of the encounters he had with God.