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One Voice Makes A Difference with Janet Swanson

Oct 2, 2023

Janet gives the definitions in Hebrew and Greek for Worry and it’s purpose then offers you a solution by giving your PEACE

Do you want to know HOW to STOP worrying?  For real…I want to talk to you about the thing we carry around that needs to GO!! Worry is KILLING YOU! And it’s time for it to GO!

Worry is a habit! Worry comes from lack of trust, from not casting all your cares on the Lord, by not giving God all your dead weight!

Worry comes from negative thoughts! Those negatives thoughts draws a picture of the worst case scenario! Then the door to fear is opened. When fear has gripped you, it causes anxiety!

This is where the spiritual warfare comes in. The Bible says that fear is a spirit and it involves torment!

Worry, fear, and anxiety will make you fall apart on the inside! Mental breakdown

When your life is going any many directions there is a sign of worrying about your life!


The Cure for Worry is PRAYER AND PRAYER  ushers in PEACE.


While worry means to be divided into pieces…

To have peace is to be “undivided” in one WHOLE PIECE…PEACE!


Peace is an inter-connectedness … other words…Jesus is the GLUE holding you together!

So…Jesus is saying to us today….TRUST ME and Don’t WORRY about your life ….don’t let your thoughts, and your life be divided by going into two different directions  but stay on course, have faith in God.


Jesus is saying Trust me and don’t worry about your life and…

Peace in Greek: eirēnē   to join, tie together into a whole”... wholeness, with all essential parts joined together; peace (God's gift of wholeness) Spirit, Soul and Body!

Peace = healthy living, healthy thinking, and healthy relationships!

Don’t let nasty habits, stinking thinking, and toxic people nor the plot  and schemes of the devil disconnect you from the precious gift that Jesus has left you!  PEACE