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One Voice Makes A Difference with Janet Swanson

Oct 3, 2022

Tommy tells his story of breaking his back and then later being diagnosed with Colon Cancer and having a full Colectomy.  The focus is God is a healer of the Spirit, Soul and Body

Tommy grew up in a military family. He was born in Australia and lived in three continents by the time he was five years old.  He loves the study of martial arts and tells his story how his identity was in “what” he could do instead of “who” he really is when everything has been stripped from you. 

I am so inspired by this man and his powerful story.  He went from a strong young man with big dreams, to falling off a roof then being diagnosed with colon cancer.  You’ve got to hear his GOD STORY!   Tommy has an amazing wife and two wonderful children.   

Tommy and I had a great conversation about getting things in alignment from the thoughts, the soul, the spirit and the body!; It’s important to understand and know that God is with us and Jesus came to give us an abundant life so we could walk out healing and wholeness in our spirit, soul and body.  

You have got to hear this podcast and don’t forget to SHARE SHARE SHARE.

If you’d like to contact Tommy or his wife for an appointment you can reach them here: