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One Voice Makes A Difference with Janet Swanson

May 23, 2022

Janet gives a prophetic word for those who have found themselves in a battle and feel like God has abandoned them! 

Here I am in a hotel in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. My son had major surgery, a colectomy and we had to drive him here in the midst of extreme sickness.  I look back and I don’t know how we made it.  Maybe that’s you too!  You have come through things and you know if it had not been for the Lord, you would not have made it either! 

God gave me this word while I was watching my son suffer with intense pain from Crohn’s and Ulcerated Colitus.  What I thought would be the worst thing that could happen to us, has become the best thing. Rhett had his colon cut out and it saved his life, and gave him his life back.  He’s only 24 years old and yet there are many battles ahead of him and a couple more surgeries he has to go under, but God gave me this word…GO FORTH IN THE STRENGTH YOU HAVE!  



Judges 6:11-16 New American Standard Bible


Gideon Is Visited

11 Then the angel of the Lord came and sat under the [a]oak that was in Ophrah, which belonged to Joash the Abiezrite, as his son Gideon was beating out wheat in the wine press in order to save it from the Midianites. 

12 And the angel of the Lord appeared to him and said to him, “The Lord is with you, valiant warrior.” 

13 Then Gideon said to him, “O my lord, if the Lord is with us, why then has all this happened to us? And where are all His miracles which our fathers told us about, saying, ‘Did the Lord not bring us up from Egypt?’ But now the Lord has abandoned us and handed us over to Midian.” 

14 And the Lord [b]looked at him and said, “Go in this strength of yours and save Israel from the hand of Midian. Have I not sent you?” 

15 But he said to Him, “O Lord, [c]how am I to save Israel? Behold, my family is the least in Manasseh, and I am the youngest in my father’s house.” 

16 Yet the Lord said to him, “I will certainly be with you, and you will [d]defeat Midian as one man.”


Maybe you have been like Gideon and you’ve asked God a lot of questions.  Here is what God says to you! 

The Lord is with you mighty warrior! Go in the strength you have and you will overcome the thing that has tried to overcome you! 

In Jesus name! Lord we believe your word and we stand upon all your promises for they are yes and amen.