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One Voice Makes A Difference with Janet Swanson

Dec 12, 2022

Dr. Fondrea tells her story how God showed up on the scenes of her life after her two year old was crushed between two cars.  

Last week you all heard the story of an amazing woman who was crushed between two cars at the tender age of two.  But today, you are going to hear from her mother.  

I know by hand on experience what it feels like to sit back and watch your child suffer and just ask God for His mercy.  It is NOT an easy place to be! 

You will be so inspired and touched deeply by Fondrea’s story and how  God has carried her all these years when she watched her child suffer from one surgery to the other. 

The Lord Jesus has been everything to her.  You are going to hear her speak by faith, you will hear her cry a little, you will hear her sing, you will hear her rejoice, but most of all, you are going to hear her praise.  

This lady has extravagant worship because of an extravagant God who held her through it all. Now she just wants to give back to Him all that is due.  

Today I pray that your faith will rise up and you will choose to bow down before the Lord and just worship Him, no matter what the circumstances of life have been. 

If you’d like to have Dr. Fondrea Lewis at your church, you can contact her on:




Dr. Fondrea Lewis is an anointed woman of God who ministers nationwide to many of communities within the body of Christ. 

She has one purpose in mind: to engraft souls into the Kingdom.

Dr. Lewis received the gift of the Holy Ghost at the early age of 14, acknowledged the call to preach God’s Word at 17, and finally answered the call of the Lord at age 23. She was ordained as a licensed Elder with the New Dimensions Worldwide Churches in February of 2001 while she served as the Youth Pastor for seven years under the dynamic leadership of her aunt, Bishop Carolyn A. Webb, at the Greater Emanuel Temple Pentecostal Church in Neptune, New Jersey. She serves as an Elder at the Bethel Church of Love and Praise in Bloomfield, New Jersey, under the loving leadership of Pastors Janet and Bishop Charles W. Harris, the Presiding Prelate of Covenant Kingdom Ministries International. She recalls service in the house of God as a cleaner, usher, soloist, choir directress as well as a church administrator.

She is a gifted and anointed psalmist who has sung with various gospel recording artists and has completed her first musical solo project entitled,  “I Believe God”. She is also an author of several published writings and the visionary and hostess of her own television show Outpour, as well as the editor and chief of her own magazine Fondreas World.

Elder Lewis has recognized her assignment and is commissioned to lead people to a greater encounter with God! A place she simply calls Outpour.